Food Banks and the Welfare Crisis

Graham Riches
Publisher:  Canadian Council on Social Development, Ottawa, Canada
Year Published:  1987
Pages:  171pp     Dewey:  363.883
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3209

What are food banks, how do they operate, and what is the cause of their recent proliferation in Canada?

In FOOD BANKS AND THE WELFARE CRISIS, Professor Riches poses these and other questions about social policy and practice. He examines the various programs of the so-called "Public Safety Net" (i.e. unemployment insurance, welfare, job creation), arguing that government have neglected their social obligations under federal legislation and international conventions.

In the final chapter, "What is to be done?", Riches outlines several ways of dealing with what he views as collapse of the "Public Safety Net."

Subject Headings

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