Dis-Abled Women's Network (DAWN)
Organization profile published 1986


Year Published:  1986  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX3161

Abstract:  The DIS-ABLED WOMEN'S NETWORK was formed in Ottawa last June out of a meeting of 22 disabled women from across Canada. Issues discussed included violence against physically disabled women, sexuality and health, isolation and lack of access to women's community and health services, parenting, poverty, affirmative action, and the impact of the federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Participants intend to link nationally through a computer system to bring about better communication among disabled women.

"The present federal government claims to be sensitive to women's issues. However, it is not acting on the recommendations of the Abella report, and is encouraging the (Section) 41-4 of the patent act which will drastically increase the costs of medication many disabled women must take. Disabled women are the experts on these issues. Now is the time for us to take responsibility for them," a group representative said.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1986.

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