Ten Days for World Development, Study Issue, 1976

Publisher:  Ten Days for World Development, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1976
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX31

"Lifestyle" issue points out global realities call for a less consumer-oriented lifestyle.

Ten Days for World Development is a joint development education programme of the Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran Presbyterian and United Churches of Canada. Its goals are to increase understanding among Church members and Canadians generally concerning world needs and world development and to encourage appropriate action in response. It seeks to achieve these goals by mobilizing the resources and the communications networks of the churches in the cause of world development, initiating and encouraging mass media events during a particular "Ten Days" each year, and organizing and servicing local inter-church committees and coalitions. 1976 marks the programme's fourth annual effort. The focus of this study issue is "lifestyles". It includes several articles which point out that todays global realities call for comfortable Christians to review their lifestyle and opt for one which is simpler and less consumer-oriented. As well there is a major article describing the New International Economic Order, and an interview with U.C. theologian Roger Hutchinson in which he talks about Power and the use of resources. Included with most of the articles are questions designed to promote discussion.

Subject Headings

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