Mayor's Action Task Force On Discharged Psychiatric Patients
Organization profile published 1984

Year Published:  1984
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX3021

On February 9, 1983, the Mayor of Toronto, Arthur Eggleton appointed Dr. Reva Gerstein to chair an inquiry into the situation surrounding discharged psychiatric patients living in the city. The mayor asked Dr. Gerstien to prepare a final report from this Task Force which developed a "co-ordinated problem-solving approach" to the concerns raised during the course of the inquiry. It was anticipaed that Dr. Gerstein and her advisors would actively respond to events and problems throughout the course of the inquiry, as they arose, rather than restricting themselves to making recommendations in a final report.

Proposals are included that address five problem areas: housing, crisis intervention, co-ordination of aftercare services, meaningful work and public education.

Housing with a full range of appropriate services is given the highest priority by the report. It was recognized that the first step to resolving concerns expressed about aftercare services is to improve the housing options available when limited income dictates the choce of low cost housing.

The report emphasizes "supportive housing." A simple improvement in the physical standards of available housing will not solve the problem faced by ex-psychiatric patients. A range of services from "group homes" to "boarding homes" to "hostels" were idenfied with appropriate support for people with differrent needs.

The TASK FORCE REPORT makes specific recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on all
the problem areas identified by the Task Force itself.

This organization no longer exists.
This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1984.

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