Urban Core Support Network
Organization profile published 1984

Year Published:  1984
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX3017

The URBAN CORE SUPPORT NETWORK is made up of individuals and groups in cities across Canada who share a commitment to support each other in the empowerment of people on the margin of society. UCSN is linked through its newsletter (published four times a year) and annual conferences.

For the past two years it has been clear at UCSN workshops and steering committee meetings that increasing numbers of network participants are engaged in developing housing for low income single people. UCSN has identified a need to increase and improve its effort to network people and information with respect to such housing efforts. In its efforts to support clergy, administrators, workers, and residents from various churches, church agencies, community organizations and government agencies who share a common commitment and set of values. UCSN is working to develop a Housing Network Project. The main objective is to develop the capability of facilitate, store, retrieve and share information and cocumentatin on housing efforts across the country. The 1984 workshop in October will include a workgroup at which those directly involved in housing developemnt will be invited.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1984.
See also CX2247.

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