Housing in Ottawa-Carleton: A Woman's Issue

Year Published:  1984
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX3009

In February 1983, the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa acquired funding to research the housing needs of women in the Ottawa-Carleton area. the mandate of the study was to:
1. Identify present housing resources available to women and to document program and housing needs
of women in the Ottawa-Carleton area and;
2. Identify and approach existing social agencies whose mandate it is to meet women's housing needs
and to determine their concerns and recommendations.

HOUSING IN OTTAWA-CARLETON: A WOMEN'S ISSUE is the report that resulted from this research project. It includes a literature review and an examination of existing housing resources for female offenders, the psychiatrically disabled, unwed mothers, women in crisis, and female alcohol and drug abusers. Also included in a list of recommendations for action at the federal, provincial regional and local levels.

Many factors contributes to the housing crisis facing women: high interest rates, low rental vacancies, insufficient public housing, construction, deconversion, and inadequate shelter subsidy rates. In addiiton, women whether they be unattached individuals, single parents, or wives in two parent families, have the greatest likelihood of poverty. Limited access to jobs especially high-paying jobs, the wage disparity between men and women, and inadquate social assistance rates limit women's ability to obtain housing.

The specialized housing programs for women in the Ottawa-Carleton area are filled to capacity and have waiting lists. As a result, "battered women are forced to remain in abusive situation, women often find it necessary to prostitute themselves in order to have a roof over their heads, female offenders with no fixed address remain incarcerated, and a number of women are homeless."

This report would be useful for groups involved in the development or expansion of special housing projects for women.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1984.

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