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Year Published:  1984  
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Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
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Abstract:  REFUGE is concerned with individuals who have been given landed immigrant status prior to their arrival in Canada. The publication outlines the problems facing refugees in relation to Canada's laws and policies concerning such issues as selection criteria, appplication of those criteria, integration programs and family sponsorship.
REFUGE encourages assistance to refugees, by providing a forum for sharing information and opinion on Canadian and international issues pertaining to refugees. It is published five times a year. It is a non-profit, independent periodical supported by a grant from the Canada Employment and Immigration Commission, by private donation and by subscription.
The JUNE 1984 issue of REFUGE focusses on the law and plicy of refugee status determination within Canada. THe problems examined concern people who are in Canada with some k9ind of temporary status or no immigration status at all.
There are two striking features of the refugee-claims prodcedure. One is its complexity. The other is its imcompleteness. The process is filled with inquiries and examinations, determinations, and redeterminations, applications and appeals. Yet a refugee claimant can go through the whole system without ever having been heard by anyone deciding on or advising on his/her claim. He/she may never have a chance to respond to any objections made to their claim.
The articles in this issue deal with the history of the determination procedure, a description of the procedure itself, critical analysis of the procedure and other matters which touch refugee claimants, and finally a model for change.

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