Media for Social Change

Farrel, Siobhaon; Walsh, Barbara
Publisher:  Community Forum on Shared Responsibility, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1983
Pages:  120pp   Price:  $17.50+$1.17   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX2941

Media For Social Change is a resource book for community groups trying to get their message out through a variety of media: print, film, video, graphics, photography, and slide-tape. Part of the book is devoted to listing resources such as training facilities, studios, graphic artists, consultants; this information is Toronto-oriented. The rest of the information has general relevance to community and social change groups. Separate chapters are devoted to the different media. Stress is placed on explaining when a particular medium is appropriated and on analyzing its advantages and drawbacks in getting out the message of a particular group. Only limited technical detail is provided: this is not a how-to book, although bibliographies after each chapter do refer the reader to technical guides. The book discusses different ways in which a medium can be applied. Print, for example, can involve books, posters, billboards, buttons, leaflets, newsletters, etc.

There is also discussion of developing strategies for "getting noticed," as well as ways of making planning, design, and implementation a group process.

Appendices include a list of alternative media; a list of collections of audio visual materials, funding sources, and organizations involved in community based art and media.

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