Getting Started on Social Analysis in Canada.

Czerny, Michael
Publisher:  Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1984
  Dewey:  301
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2933

See also CX3147.

To be published in the summer of 1984 by Between the lines, Getting Started is a workbook intended to introduce people to the practice of social analysis in Canada. Two chapters are devoted to energy and the environment. Ecological threats to the environment are analyzed through the experience of a community's response to lead pollution. Canada's energy policy and the mega project trend are treated to an ethical analysis based on the ideal of a just, participatory and sustainable society. In both chapters, major actors and their competing interests are identified. As well, each chapter provides analytical tools and raises further questions to allow readers to pursue a critical investigation of these issues in relation to other concerns and the wider socio-economic context of Canada.

The approach of Getting Started is to involve the reader in analyzing a variety of issues which Canadians face daily: access to affordable housing and health care; unemployment; the social and economic impact of micro-technology; loss of dignity among the elderly; poverty among women; and efforts by Native People to protect their land.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Welcome to Social Analysis

Basic Issues
Chapter Two: In Sickness and in Health
Chapter Three: The Housing Drama
Chapter Four: Our Planet Earth

Chapter Five: Social Analysis Again

Economic Issues
Chapter Six: Lost in the Supermarket
Chapter Seven: The Plague of Unemployment
Chapter Eight: Microtechnology and the Future
Chapter Nine: Energy to Burn

Chapter Ten: Media and Ideology

Social Issues
Chapter Eleven: Aging- Out of Sight
Chapter Twelve: A Home and Native Land
Chapter Thirteen: "A Woman's Place"
Chapter Fourteen: Canada in the Americas

Chapter Fifteen: We Have Just Begun


Subject Headings

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