Background paper on the Micmac occupation and hunger strike

Year Published:  1983  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2847

Abstract:  On April 21, 1983, 31 members of the Conne River Micmac Indian Band occupied the offices of the Newfoundland Department of Rural, Agricultural and Nothern Development in downtown St. John's in the effort to obtain $821,000 owed to them for more than a year under a federal-provincial Natives peoples agreement. The sit-in was ended abruptly two hours later by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary's riot squad. Released on bail, 11 Micmacs immediately began a hunger strike in order to force the issue. With the help of federal Inidan Affairs officials, the Micmac's tactics proved successful, and the hunger strike ended April 30th with a signed agreement to release the funds.

As part of a public support campaign for the Micmacs, the Indian and Inuit Support Groups issued this background paper which outlines the history of the dispute and the main issues, especially the provincial government's attempt to prejudice the Micmac's land claim by attaching certain conditions to the use of the funds.

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