Health Thrashing

Year Published:  1983  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2734

Abstract:  HEALTHSHARING is a Canadian women's quarterly magazine. Each issue carries feature articles, health news, film and book reviews, notes on new health resources and upcoming events, letters, and requests for information from its readers.

The Winter 1982 edition, entitled "Women in Therapy," is the result of a joint venture by Women Healthsharing with the Feminist Therapy Support Group, and includes six feature articles.

"Our Story" is a brief history of the Feminist Therapy Support Group. It does this by combining problem-solving with learning from external sources. The aim of the group is "growth in tow complementary directions -- internal knowledge and external knowledge.

- Seeking Help" discusses when to seek help and the resources available. It identifies four steps which can assist in the process of seeking help:
- identify internally that something is happening and needs attention now;
- Iidentify unmet needs and establish priorities;
accept these needs as legitimate, worth exploring and getting help for;
- Seek out available and appropriaate information and services.

"Feminist Therapy" traces the roots and practice of this form of therapy. Part one focusses on psychoanalysis: part two discusses the practice of feminist therapy with respect to power, the therapist's political view of the world, situations, and groups. Part three looks at the feminist therapist at work in various institutional/non-institutional settings.

"Women and Institutions" is a history of the use of mental institutions as a means of social control. "Lesbians in Therapy" is a discussion of what lebsians want and need in therapy, and "Tranquility Can Kill" is an account of one woman's struggle with valium addiction.

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