The Lesbian and Feminist Mothers' Political Action Group (LAFMPAG)
Organization profile published 1983

Year Published:  1983
Resource Type:  Organization
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The Lesbian and Feminist Mothers' Political Action Group (LAFMPAG) was founded en 1979 and is a member of a Brithish Columbia Federation of women. This political action group is dedicated to "improving the position of children and mothers throughout the feminist community". LAFMPAG believes that feminists have lost wide support from women because of the movement's failure to adequately deal with the needs of mothers and children. The group believe that women must learn to develop practical ways to take more collective responsibility for their children before significant change will be sparked in society. For the group, the "mother" role is synonymous with the "nurturing" role and therefore is to be shared with all women and men (parents or non-parents).

In addition to helping feminists' collectives put more energy into children's issues and to become more sensitive to the struggles of mothers and childre, LAFMPAG encourages more non-sexist male involment in the lives of children. By fostering a movement of children's liberation, the group hopes to enable children to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effctively struggle against their own oppression.

LAFMPAG chose to be mixed group (lesbian and 'straight' feminists) in order to counter the stereotype that all mothers are heterosexual and to accent the commonality of problems both groups experience. The struggle of lesbian mothers is of particular concern to this group.

LAFMPAG conducts a workshop on mothers and children in the feminist movement. Included in it is a slide-tape show dealing with women's feelings about having or not having children. Another workshop for use at social and political events is being planned: it will deal with how to meet children's needs. Future activities of this group involve the publication of a book on the place of children in the feminist movement, a survey of children's needs and the resources available to meet those needs in the feminist community in Vancouver.

[Organization is defunct.]
See also CX2187, CX2417.

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