Alliance for Non-Violent Action
Year Published:  1982
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2684

Connexions published multiple abstracts on Alliance for Non-Violent Action.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1982:

The ALLIANCE FOR NON-VIOLENT ACTION is a geographically dispersed collective of groups and individuals who gather together to plan, organize and participate in eduction and events for non-violent direct action. These activities are focussed on resistance to expressions of militarism and other forms of oppression. The long-term vision of the ALLIANCE is the building of a non-opperssive and non-exploitative world. It understands militarism to be rooted in the hierarchical and dehumanizing forms of power that are part of our society reality. This power is used to maintain and expand privilege based on sex, race, class, and imperialism.

The ALLIANCE's chosen form of resistance to the institutionalized violence and oppression of militarism is the building of communities for political action and education based on decentralized and collective decision-making processes and structures. The ALLIANCE has chosen two strategies to work towards its vision. First it orgnizes public, non-violent actions using methods such as fasting, leafletting, dialogue, demonstrations, boycott, tax resistance, street theatre, and civil disobidience. Secondly, the ALLIANCE develops educational materials, resources and projects to strengthen public awareness of the connections between non-violence as a way of living and as a political strategy, and to develop consciousness about the depth of insitutional violence. While the immediate educational goal is the development of resource materials, the ALLIANCE's longer-term vision is the building of local resource centres for non-violent action.

The ALLIANCE is open to new members (groups or individuals). Meetings are held monthly in the towns and cities of ALLIANCE members.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1986:

ALLIANCE FOR NON-VIOLENT ACTION "is a geographically dispersed collective of groups" which organizes and participates in "non-violent direct action." The objective is to resist militarism and injustice by building communities for political action and education.

The collective has committed itself for the last two years to public education and the history, philosophy and modern applications of non-violence action.

ANVA offers alternatives to violence and militarism through workshops, in non-violence, which focus on apsects such as feminism group process, and preparation of civil disobedience.

The alliance also organizes conference and a military toy boycott, endorsed by a wide array of peace and social change groups. For more informaiton or to make a donations to the boycott campaign contact: Alliance for Non-Violent Action, c/oi Military Toys Campaign, 730 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2R4.

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