B.C. Housing searching for alternatives

Year Published:  1982
Resource Type:  Audio
Cx Number:  CX2632

The seven programme in this documentary series look at Britsh Columbia's housing crisis and focus on co-operative housing as a possible answer. The first programme presents an overview of the housing crisis and shows what the tight housing situation has meant to tenants, landlords, and the B.C. gorvernment. A look at New York's desperate housing situation is used to underline the need for immediate alternative solutions.

The second programme, "Demolition Hits Kitsilano," features the director of a housing registry explaining the difficulties encountered in trying to handle the needs of so many homeless people. The issue of demolition control is explored from the perspectives of government, landlords, and tenants.

Programme Three, Housing Co-ops: Yesterday and Today" takes a look at the historical background of the housing co-op movement in Canada and details the basic structure of today's housing co-ops.

Programme Four, "Forming a Housing Co-operative," documents the mechanics of setting up a co-op, examines the advantages and disadvantages of doing so, and looks at some public misconceptions about co-ops which have sometimes blocked their development.

The fifth programme focuses specifically on govenment support for housing co-ops.

Programme Six, "Two Unique Alternatives," looks at two groups which have formed with assistance from the co-op programme. One is a resource group dealing with alternative housing for the handicapped; the other is "Community Alternatives," an experiment in communal living in Kitsilano.

The last programme, "The Future Perspective," looks to Europes's squatter and co-op movements to see if lessons can be learned by examining the experiences of our European counterparts.
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