Right to Life Association of Toronto and Area
Newsletter #26

Publisher:  Right to Life Association of Toronto and Area, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1976  
Pages:  4pp   Price:  $3.00 (annual)  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX262

Newsletter to keep members informed of the latest developments on the abortion question in Toronto, Ontario and Canada at large.

Abstract:  This 4 page Newsletter keeps members informed of the latest development on the abortion question in Toronto, Ontario and Canada at large and publicizes special right to life events.

The December issues covers the November 11 Annual Meeting and summarizes the address of Professor John Hartley, guest speaker for the evening. Professor Hartley made special reference to the action of Coalition for Life, an organization working to present the pro-life view to all levels of government. Such action has involved the presentation of briefs, the backing of pro-life candidates and the lobbying of members of Parliament. He also warned that the federally appointed Badgley Committee, ostensibly set up to investigate the state of abortion in Canada, was really an attempt to justify the "necessity" of removing abortion from the criminal code. Both members of the committee and its terms of reference, he pointed out, are slanted pro-abortion. The Coalition for Life therefore organized a lobby in mid-November to counteract the imminent release of the Badgely Report and pro-abortion propaganda.

An additional insert in the newsletter, dated December 10, 1976, concerns No. 4 of an expensive six part series of booklets on sex education entitled "Birth Control and Abortion". The pamphlet, published by the Federal Department of Health and Welfare, presents abortion on demand as a socially morally and legally acceptable method of birth control. The discussion and all the resources are pro-abortion with absolutely no pro-life input. Pro-life groups are named but no mention is made of anti-abortion groups such as Alliance for Life or Right to Life groups. The insert urges Toronto Right to Life members to obtain a copy of the whole set so they may see what the federal government is doing with their money and what is going into the schools for their children. Parents are advised to follow up this reading and writing of their concerns to federal and provincial govenment representatives.

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