Winnipeg Walkathon For El Salvador.

Year Published:  1982  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2540

Abstract:  At the request of the Manitoba NDP El Salvador Committee, representatives of various community-based organizations met in the summer of 1981 to plan the first Winnipeg Walkathon for El Salvador. The Walkathon had two aims: to raise funds to assist Salvadoran refugees resident in various parts of Central America, and to educate the public about the nature and the causes of the refugee problems.
On October 4th, 1981, nearly 200 participants in the first Walkathon raised over $13,000 for Salvadoran refugees; the money went to programs sponsored by CUSO, the Montreal YMCA, and OXFAM-Canada.
Since that time, increasing numbers of refugees have fled the civil war. Thousands of people have become internal refugees, seeking protection in churches inside El Salvador. Many others have fled the country altogether. Those Salvadorans who can afford to escape to Canada are unable to do since tourist visas are denied to people who are suspected asylum seekers. Canada's quota in 1981 of 1,000 refugees from Latin America was not met; only 270 Salvadorans were admitted to Canada.
A second Winnipeg Walkathon for El Salvador is scheduled for May 1st, 1982. Proceeds will be divided among CUSO, OXFAM, the United Church, and Development and Peace. This time, donors also have the option of designating that their pledge go directly to support the struggle of the people in El Salvador.

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