A Report On Noranda Mines Limited.

Year Published:  1982  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2504

Abstract:  A Report on Noranda Mines Limited for the Conseil Regional d'Amenagement du Nord de Nouveau Brunswick (CRAN) traces the history of Noranda Mines in Canada and particularly in the province of New Brunswick. Noranda moved to Canada in 1922 as an American company. By 1927, it was wholly controlled and owned by Canadians. It has since branched out from gold-mining interests into forestry and chemicals. Noranda is Canada's 8th largest industrial corporation and Canada's largest gold producer. The Report notes that Noranda has moved into the Third World to refine mineral resources "where sources of cheap labour are plentiful." Noranda also has investments in several Latin American countries. Through its growth, the company is no longer a multinational corporation, but a "transnational- beyond the control of nations", a corporation without a national identity.
The Report describes Noranda's behaviour in New Brunswick since 1967 as that of "cautious corporate cannabalism." Noranda has taken over Brunswick Mining and Smelting as well as the former Fraser Company Limited and Airscrew-Weyrot (Canada) Limited. The labour situation created by the presence of Noranda in northern New Brunswick is described as critical by the Report. Located in an area with high unemployment, the company has contributed to the increase of one-industry towns and has made unions ineffective. The labour problems are complicated by the "non-aggressive approach and 'give-away' policies of the governments." Unionized workers are unable to effectively struggle for safer conditions or job security.

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