Issue 25: Central America:The Moment Of Tension Between Dying And Birth
Periodical profile published 1982

Year Published:  1982  
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Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2490

Abstract:  Issue, a series published by the Division of Mission in Canada of the United Church of Canada, is a critical assessment of social concerns designed to strengthen discussion and action. This Issue reports on recent events in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Argentina and Uruguay. It examines the policies and actions of the United States and Canadian governments as well as that of Canadian solidarity groups. Issue 25 also lists some of the many groups and print and audio-visual resources available for work on Latin America.
In their introduction, the authors point out that the pace of popular mobilization has been accelerating rapidly throughout the Americas during the early eighties. In 1981, 500,000 Nicaraguans ( about one-fifth of the population) publicly celebrated the second anniversary of their triumph over dictator Somoza, while they prepared to protect themselves from a destabilization campaign mounted against their government by the administration of Ronald Reagan. In El Salvador, the opposition made diplomatic and military advances against the junta of Napoleon Duarte. In Guatemala, a large number of the nation's Indians (the most oppressed sector of the population) started to participate in organized resistance to the brutal regime of President Garcia. The release of popular energies in Central America has been a source of inspiration to the peoples of South America's southern cone, who are struggling to prevent the consolidation of military governments based on terror.
In a section titled "Popular Response in Canada", the authors identify and cite examples of the work being done in Canada to support the people of Latin America and Canada; consultation and coordination of solidarity groups;visits between Latin America and Canada; consultation and communication with government; campaigns (such as "No Candu for Argentina", the boycott of Coca Cola products and a tourist boycott of Guatemala); publication of news and analyses; and research on Canadian economic relationships with Latin America.

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