Black History and the Class Struggle

Publisher:  Spartacist Publishing Co.
Year Published:  1996  
Pages:  48pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX24441

Articles published in Workers Vanguard in 1995.



Labor Black League for Social Defense
Lockdown U.S.A.
Defeat Racist Assault on Affirmative Action!
Battle for Mumia's Freedom
Statement of July 12
South African Unions Take Up Jamal's Fight as Their Own
Brutal Anti-immigrant Repression in L.A.
Cross-Burnings and Anti-Union Terror
Racist Backlash Against O.J. Simpson Acquittal
Million Man March Appeases Racist Exploiters
Why Did Rulers Applaud Million Man March?
On Reactionary Mobilizations of the Oppressed
Black Women and the Revolutionary Struggle
Conrad Lynn, 1908-1995

Subject Headings

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