Have You Noticed How Social Media Purges Always Align With The US Empire?

Johnstone, Caitlin

Publisher:  caitlinjohnstone.com
Date Written:  12/09/2019
Year Published:  2019  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX24221

Twitter has suspended multiple large Cuban media accounts for unknown reasons. The Union of Cuban Journalists has denounced the move as censorship.




If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the dynamics of empire, you will immediately recognize all of these purges as having targeted groups which are not aligned with the US-centralized power alliance. There have been no comparable mass social media purges of groups that are aligned with the US-centralized empire; a few accounts critical of Beijing were accidentally suspended from Twitter in June and replaced with a hasty apology, and a few Saudi bots were removed for defaming Jamal Khashoggi after his death, but that's as close as you'll find to any non-empire-aligned purge....

This very AFP report claims that "Cuba is regularly criticized by watchdogs for exerting excessive control over the internet," citing to substantiate this claim an organization called Freedom House, which the report describes only as “New York-based”. Freedom House, which self-brands as an "independent watchdog organization", is in reality a narrative management firm that is funded by powerful plutocrats and has the bulk of projects paid for by the National Endowment for Democracy....

"We need to stop pretending FB and Twitter aren’t arms of the US state," Artyukhina said in a popular Twitter thread last month after another purge. "For over a year they’ve deleted accounts of Iranians, Venezuelans, Russians, and Chinese simply for daring to voice opinions different from the imperialist narrative, under the aegis of combating ‘disinformation’."
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