COVID-19: Coronavirus and Civilization

Johnstone, Diana

Publisher:  Consortium News
Date Written:  10/04/2020
Year Published:  2020  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX24142

Lockdowns reveal helplessness rather than power. While in a crisis some will take advantage of disaster, it makes no sense that dominant economic powers sought this crisis to benefit themselves




It seems that many anti-conformist political analysts believe that the Coronavirus crisis is a fake, perpetrated by media and governments for sinister reasons. They are actually calling for protest demonstrations against confinement....

But what for? To whom is there any advantage in locking down the population? For the pleasure of telling themselves, “Aha, we’ve got them where we want them, all stuck at home!” Is this intended to suppress popular revolt? What popular revolt? Why repress people who aren’t doing anything that needs to be repressed?

What is the use of locking up a population – and I think especially of the United States – that is disunited, disorganized, profoundly confused by generations of ideological indoctrination telling them that their country is "the best" in every way, and thus unable to formulate coherent demands on a system that exploits them ruthlessly? Do you need to lock up your faithful Labrador so he won’t bite you?
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