Like Israeli settlers, white mass shooters are a manifestation of their society

Elia, Nada
Date Written:  2019-08-06
Publisher:  Mondoweiss
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23781

A caution against calls from the left to label white mass shooters as terrorists. Calling them terrorists does not address the fact that they carry out the objectives of their settler-colonial states.



While it is tempting to point the finger at the likes of Dylann Roof, Patrick Crusius, and Connor Betts, and call them terrorists, let us remember that they are simply amplifying official social norms and government policy, a policy that has always been racist — from the genocide of the Indigenous people to the enslavement of Africans and their descendants, to the internment of the Japanese Americans, and the criminal justice system, from its inception to the present day. These white killers are simply rogue militiamen magnifying, rather than challenging, the country’s official racism....

Just as there is an understanding amongst most progressive Americans that Israeli settlers are simply the rogue manifestation of Israel's official policy of expansionism and land theft, so we must understand that white killers are also a rogue manifestation of the US government's inherent white nationalism.

As we denounce today's militant white supremacists, we need to associate it with its source — violent settler-colonialism. The United States has a long history of racism in the service of a white nation, as evidenced in its treatment of communities of color throughout the existence of this country.
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