Brexit Divides the British Left

Solenberger, Peter

Publisher:  Solidarity
Date Written:  16/07/2019
Year Published:  2019  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23771

Short commentary on three leftist perspectives on Brexit. The articles discussed are linked in the main piece.




The British working class is divided over the question of Britain’s leaving the European Union (EU), popularly known as "Brexit." The trade unions and the Labour Party are debating whether Britain should remain or leave. So far they have not been able to decide.

The British far left is divided too. The articles below represent three different positions on Brexit. All see the inability of the Labour Party to articulate a Brexit policy as dangerous to its prospects and to the recovery of the workers' movement in Britain. All want to go beyond Labourism, even Jeremy Corbyn's version, to nationalization of key sectors of the economy and democratic planning to deal with the climate and social crises. But they differ on how this relates to Brexit....

We republish the three articles so that activists in the U.S. can see how politically intelligent people are trying to sort out the complexities of Brexit. Their debate can help shed light on our situation, since the same economic and political forces are at work here.

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