Argentina '76
A dossier on political repression and the violation of human rights

Publisher:  Committee for the Defense of Civil Rights in Argentina, Port Credit, Canada
Year Published:  1976  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX236

A report that outlines the torture of political prisoners, censorship, and religious persecution that occurs in Argentina.

Abstract:  This comprehensive report examines the tragedy that has beset the people of Argentina. Although the future history of Argentina remains a question, much of the past and present history of the country is objectively recounted here. The dossier outlines the torture of political prisoners, the censorship of the news media and the religious persectution that has occured there. In Argentina all forms of political activity are being suppressed except those favourable to the military junta. This report also raises some serious questions about the sale of the Canadian-made Candu nuclear reactor system to Argentina. The aim of the Group for the Defense of Civil Rights in Argentina is the reinstatement of democracy in Argentina, invloving the return of civil rights to the people. The group includes many Canadians who feel a responsibility to bring this message to the Canadian people.

Subject Headings

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