Guiding principles for an Ecosocialist Green New Deal
Date Written:  2019-03-01
Publisher:  Climate & Capitalism
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23555

Statement of the Ecosocialist Working Group of the DSA on their demands for a Green New Deal that combats climate change and inequality.



We must solve the climate crisis and the inequality crisis together. Climate remedies in the context of austerity will produce a popular backlash, as we see in the yellow vest protests against a fuel tax. Corporations profiting from fossil extraction have long worked to turn workers against environmentalists, claiming that clean energy would be a job killer. But working class and poor people’s quality of life, gravely threatened by climate disruption, would greatly improve in a just transition. Because corporate capitalism rewards extraction to concentrate wealth, it must be replaced by a sustainable economy. A Green New Deal can begin the transition from exploitative capitalism to democratic ecological socialism....

Because we see the fight for the climate as a struggle against capitalism itself and the myriad forms of oppression which sustain it, we propose to organize within Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and without around the following guiding principles for a radical Green New Deal:

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