What's the alternative to factory farms?
Book Review

Empson, Martin
Date Written:  2019-01-20
Publisher:  Climate & Capitalism
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23533

Mixed review of a collection of essays about industrial agriculture. Most of the papers point out the destructiveness of animal agriculture but neglect the wider issue of capitialism.



Joyce D’Silva and Carol McKenna, editors
Respecting Animals, People and the Environment
Routledge, 2018

Today, agriculture is dominated by industrial farming, which has a significant impact upon our planet’s ecological systems, biodiversity and its people. Yet despite the impact and centrality of farming to our society and the current environmental crisis, the subject is under-represented in discussions of sustainability.

So I was pleased to see Farming, Food and Nature, a book that brings together essays by contributors to a conference organised by Compassion in World Farming (CWF) and the WWF. Many of the contributors have long track records in campaigning about animal welfare, the environment, sustainable farming and the environment so I had high hopes for the book.

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