Face Surveillance Is a Uniquely Dangerous Technology
CounterSpin interview with Shankar Narayan on facial recognition

Jackson, Janine

Publisher:  FAIR
Date Written:  05/02/2019
Year Published:  2019  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23506

Lightly edited transcript of an interview regarding face recognition technology and how it will impact people who are already over-policed.



JJ: So the setup is, "There's a tool. It's very useful in crime-fighting, but you might worry it could potentially be misused, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t trust law enforcement."
The coalition letter that the ACLU was part of says, No. 1, we're not just talking about civil libertarians, and 2, we aren’t only talking about potential misuse. Could you outline for listeners the concerns that this coalition is representing, and what’s happening now that drives those concerns?

SN: I think that that is a great lead-in. There is a long history of surveillance tools being adopted under the rubric of exactly the same kind of public safety concerns that you talked about. I think it's often the lead-in to the widespread adoption of a technology, that it's going to help catch someone in one of the worst possible situations.
But, of course, I think it’s important to tie this back to the long history of use of surveillance technologies that will particularly impact vulnerable communities.

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