Nicaragua: The Other Revolution Betrayed

Legrand, Nathan; Toussaint, √Čric
Date Written:  2019-01-08
Publisher:  Socialist Project/The Bullet
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23247

A look at the current neoliberal regime in Nicaragua and how the Sandinista government failed to deliver on the promise of the 1979 Revolution.



The violent repression against demonstrators protesting brutal neoliberal policies, which resulted in more than 300 people being killed by regime forces since April 2018, is just one of the reasons why different leftist social movements have condemned the Nicaraguan regime led by President Daniel Ortega and Vice-president Rosario Murillo. The Left has many more reasons to denounce the policies of the regime. To understand this, we must go back to 1979.

Subject Headings

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