A Killer Dies, a Teacher Lives: George H.W. Bush v. Noam Chomsky

Street, Paul
Date Written:  2018-12-04
Publisher:  Counter punch
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23217

The obsequious praise of the life and legacy of the now deceased mad-dog killer George H. W. Bush (1924-2018) contradict the reality of his actions during his life and presidency.



I'll leave it to others with more stamina and a stronger stomach than I possess to compose a comprehensive left assessment of the senior George Bush's broad career. Here I just want to mention three key things missing from this "mainstream: media praise of Bush41's purported noble graciousness in the allegedly magnificent collapse of the USSR.

First, the establishment media has predictably evaded the unpleasant fact that the fall of the Soviet state was a disaster for many millions of Russians and Eastern Europeans. The Russian and Eastern European people experienced epic, even catastrophic declines in living standards, health, and life expectancy thanks to the unraveling of state protections and institutions. The end of the Cold War was anything but a welcome and liberating development from the perspective of vast multitudes. As the Dialogue of Civilization Research Institute in Berlin reported last June, the declines were worse than anything ever recorded during peacetime and without natural catastrophe...

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