The Mozambican Woman in the Revolution

Central Commitee of FRELIMO

Publisher:  LSM Information Center, Canada
Year Published:  1974  
Pages:  28pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23201

This selection of writings on Mozambican Women deals with a number of important aspects in the struggle for the emancipation of women - Mozambican women, African women and humanity's women.




On the question of their "double exploitation" as colonial subjects and women, the position of FRELIM0 women is made very clear. their feelings of inferiority have been rooted " a combination of the traditional system ofr education and the colonial system." Customary initiation rites instilled in girls "... a submissive attitude toward men" and taught them that "...their place in society (was) a secondary one." The woman's role, they were told, was " produce children and to look after their husband and home - all other tasks being forbidden them." in addition, they attacked as reactionary the traditional practices of bride-price, "which reduces a woman to a mere object to be sold and bought and makes her a simple object of pleasure and reproduction in the eyes of the buyer - the husband," polygamy and forced and often premature marriages which "...condition women to feel alienated and...confine her to domestic life and agricultural production at the service of her husband, depriving her of any prospects of taking part in political, cultural or social work."

Table of Contents

The Role of Women in the Struggle by Josina Machal
"We Women Have the Right to Fight"
Map of Mozambique
The All-Africian Women's Conference
A New Life is Being Built
Maria Njanje
Poem - "This is the Time"

Subject Headings

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