Industrial accident claims three lives in Leduc, Alberta

Smith, Penny
Date Written:  2018-12-15
Publisher:  World Socialist Web Site
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23174

A look at the troubling indifference to the alarming statistics on worker fatalities, and the lax occupational health and safety regulations that are designed to protect employers and permit the further expansion of company profits.



The unions, which long ago renounced the defence of even the immediate interests of workers, are fully complicit in the deterioration in workplace safety. When workers seek to resist wage cuts, pension and benefit concessions, and unsafe working conditions, the unions endeavour to smother and betray their struggles. At the same time, the unions connive with the employers to intensify the exploitation of working people in the name of ensuring corporate "competitiveness" and "saving jobs."

The duplicitous character of the union bureaucracy can be seen in the recent strike at Canada Post, where workers are struggling against a dramatic deterioration in working conditions, including the expansion of two-tier and precarious employment and a huge spike in work-related injuries. Postal workers suffer injuries on the job at a rate more than five times greater than the norm in federally regulated sectors.

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