The ignorant, repressive attack on Frank Loesser's "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Walsh, David
Date Written:  2018-12-17
Publisher:  World Socialist Web Site
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23173

A look at Frank Loesser's 1944 song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and the social forces which have aggressively pushed the new 'Puritanism' that seeks to have the song banned.



In San Francisco, after hearing "from thousands of Bay Area listeners via polling, phone calls, emails and social media," radio station KOIT "has concluded that the vast majority [some 70 percent] consider the song to be a valuable part of their holiday tradition, and they still want to hear it on the radio," according to a news report.

The CBC too has decided to reinstate "Baby, It's Cold Outside," because "audience input... was overwhelmingly to include the song," said Chuck Thompson, CBC's head of public affairs in a statement Tuesday. (Billboard reported that three versions of the song have seen "a bump" and streaming for the tune is up considerably.)

The campaign, such as it is, against Loesser's song is preposterous and reactionary. It is also ignorant.

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