15 Actions That Can Shut Down Trump's Assault on Immigrant Families

Gupta, Arun

Publisher:  Toward Freedom
Date Written:  25/06/2018
Year Published:  2018  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23170

A list of recommended actions that can be taken against the Trump Administration's policy toward immigrant families, some of which include: Expose for-profit detention corporations; Target mayor's offices, state capitals, and governor's mansions; Practice non-violence, as well as using the media to your advantage.



Be creative. Trump now wants to jail families indefinitely, which is still illegal. Using families and children in protests makes people confront the added brutality heaped on those fleeing persecution. In the U.S. Senate building, a dozen kids evoked images of imprisoned immigrant children by sitting in the rotunda wrapped in mylar blankets amid cages and surrounded by supporters. In Manhattan, one father took his newborn son to Trump Tower and stood silently with a sign reading, "Imagine your child being ripped from your arms." In Philadelphia, protesters lined up hundreds of pairs of children's shoes near a fundraiser being hosted by Vice President Mike Pence. Hundreds of activists in New York flooded an airport to show support for immigrant children being snuck into the city to be held in detention. In Berkeley, a billboard with an image of a shocked child was rearranged so it reads, "We Make Children Disappear - I.C.E."
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