Revolutionary Rojava: An polyethnic, feminist and anti-capitalist experiment

Evans, Rachel
Date Written:  2018-10-26
Publisher:  Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23136

A history of the Democratic Federation of North Syria as a beacon of hope in Syria's 8-year-long civil war.



The Kurdish liberation movement has developed a theory - jineology, or "the science of women" - that prioritises women's liberation and developing women in public life. This manifests itself in various ways. For example, the numerous democratic bodies that form the democratic confederalist system must consist of at least 40% women. The government also created committees, military units, communes, cooperatives, courts and academies for women. In fact, there are parallel women's structures for all administrative and political structures.

Northern Syria's ethnic diversity has been incorporated into its democratic confederalist and grassroots model of governing. Rather than seeking to Balkanise Syria, the DFNS' confederalist structures aim to incorporate ethnic differences.

Subject Headings

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