"Brutal and Sadistic": Noam Chomsky on Family Separation & the U.S. Roots of Today's Refugee Crisis

Goodman, Amy
Date Written:  2018-07-27
Publisher:  Democracy Now
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23111

An interview with Noam Chomsky on the refugee crisis and the Trump administration's family separation policy. The article includes a link to the video interview.



Well, actually, these people are fleeing from the wreckage and horrors of U.S. policies. So, take Guatemala. No need to go through the whole history, but back in 1954, the U.S. intervened, sponsored a military coup, overthrew a mildly reformist elected government. Since then, the country has been a complete horror story - hundreds of thousands of people killed, all kinds of atrocities, every imaginable sort of torture. It peaked in the 1980s under Reagan. In fact, some of the places where people are fleeing from, the Mayan areas, there was literal genocide going on, carried out by the man who Reagan called a stellar exponent of democracy, a really good guy. When Congress imposed some limits on direct U.S. military aid to this - to RĂ­os Montt, the person who was - general who was implementing the genocidal attacks, Reagan set up an international terrorist network.

The U.S. does not hire terrorists, it hires terror states it's much more effective - so, Taiwan, Israel, Argentina - as long as it was under the rule of the neo-Nazi generals. Unfortunately, they were overthrown. They had the good news, Argentina. The people are still fleeing from the destruction there. It's been a horror story ever since. Same with El Salvador, where about 70,000 people were killed during the 1980s, almost all by the security forces, armed, trained, directed by the United States. Again, horror story since.

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