Broken Homes

O'Toole, Megan; Wilson, Nigel

Publisher:  Al Jazeera
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23006

In East Jerusalem, home to 300,000 Palestinians, Israel has been using home demolition as a tool to control the population. Following what some have described as a "third Intifada" in 2015, Al Jazeera started monitoring the policy of home demolitions in occupied East Jerusalem and how it was being enforced -- 2016 was documented to be a record year. Al Jazeera presents an extensive month by month report with graphs, video and photographs.



As settlements encroach deeper into occupied East Jerusalem and pressure mounts on the area's Palestinian population, UNOCHA estimates that around 1,000 new housing units are being built without a permit each year, for a current total of more than 25,000. Annual demolition figures do not exceed two percent of what is considered illegal, suggesting that the cycle of unlicensed construction and Israeli demolition may continue indefinitely.

Factors such as the budget, political decisions and settlement plans may affect the demolition numbers in any given year - and the data in this project represents just a fraction of the toll that Israel's policy of home demolitions has wrought throughout the occupied West Bank over the years.
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