The Contemporary Women's Movement
From Gender & History, Chapter 1

Nicholson, Linda
Year Published:  1986
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22820

The first chapter of "Gender & History" titled Contemporary Women's Movement, as weall as a chapter on Karl Marx are reproduced here.



In the late 1960s the women's movement in the United States formulated the slogan, "The personal is political." Many of the women who took up this slogan had been active in the various protest movements of the sixties. The slogan was directed in part to other activists and was created to justify attention to a new cause: the personal relations between men and women. Such justification was perceived necessary because of the widely held attitude that the practices which took place between women and men acting qua women and men stood outside the domain of politics. For the activists of the 1960s, if these practices were not political, they were not appropriate objects for the scrutiny and struggle for change that were demanded by the relations between, for example, different racial groups. The early feminists intended to challenge this attitude through this slogan.

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