Klan-destine Relationships
A Black Man's Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan

Davis, Daryl
Publisher:  New Horizon Press
Year Published:  1998
Pages:  315pp   ISBN:  978-0882822693
Library of Congress Number:  HS2230.K63 D38 1998Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX22761

A professional musician recounts his courageous, lifelong confrontations and conversations with members of the Ku Klux Klan in an attempt to unearth the roots of bigotry and foster harmony between black and white, often using music to bridge the divide.


Table of Contents

Pt. 1 Living in black and white
1. Growing up
2. The silver dollar
3. Under arrest
4. The phone call

Pt. 2 Tales of the dragons
5. Roger Kelly, Grand Dragon
6. Searching for the stereotype
7. Tony LaRicci, former Grand Dragon
8. Private investigation
9. Visiting my prison pen pal
10. One version of the truth.

Pt. 3 Crossing the lines of racism
11. A cross-burning
12. The enigmatic klansman
13. Marching with the KKK
14. The dragon's den
15. Reverse discrimination at a black institution

Pt. 4 Stereotypical kluxers and other right-wingers
16. Grand Klaliff Chester Doles
17. Music, fireworks and the Klan
18. Trial of a klansman
19. The Imperial Wizard
20. Let's try it again (the klansman's appeal)
21. Albert Pike, Hugo Black and Robert Byrd
22. Roy Frankhouser
23. The Holocaust Museum.

Pt. 5 Self-destruction of a klan
24. Assault with intent to murder?
25. Deja vu
26. More conversations in jail

Pt. 6 Klan-destine relationships
27. My friend Tom Tarrants
28. The silent klanslady
29. The exalted Cyclops
30. Attacked
31. My day in court
32. My first rally
33. "Akin"
34. Death and life in the Klan.
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