Medical Reform - Volume 15 Issue 3
December 1995

Publisher:  Medical Reform Group of Ontario
Date Written:  01/12/1995
Year Published:  1995  
Pages:  28pp  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX22708


Table of Content:

Universality: Condition Critical by Gordon Guyatt
Semi-Annual General Meeting November 18th
Emmet Hall Dies
Medical Reform Welcomes Letters
Doctors Split on Capitation Alternative
Tax Cuts to Ride on Back of Poor and Sick
A Warning for Mike Harris
Harris' Budget Disaster for Ontario's Health
Omnibus a Prelude to US Style Health Care
Letter Sent to Premier Mike Harris
Letter Send to Calgary Laundry Workers
MDs, Patients Differ on Health Views by Jane Coutts
Hospitals Preferred Over Tax Relief: OHA Plans to Show Survey Findings to Tory Government Bent on Restraint by Michael Grange
More Patient Education is Urged by Robin Harvey
Hamilton May Be Off Limits to New Doctors by Suzanne Morrison
Critique of Alberta Medical Association Proposal Fee for Comprehensive Care by Michael Rachlis
Ontario HSO Program: A Capitation Island in a Fee-For Service Sea by Bob James
Southern Exposure: Managing Patients in a Managed Care Environment by Clifford Rosen
Dial a Doctor: Dialing for Dollars by Rosana Pellizzari
Jake's Life - A Film by Laura Sky

Editorial Board: Mimi Divinsky, Rosana Pellizzari, Gord Guyatt, Janet Maher

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