Women Working
Issue #6

Publisher:  United Church of Canada Division of Mission Research, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1976
Pages:  4pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX227

Examination of many of the issues facing women in the working world.

This four page paper examines many of the issues that are being faced by women in the working world. It points out that although equality is much talked about and although women make 1/3 of the working force, the average working women earns only half as much as a working man. Thus the situation for most of us is no better than it was 80 years ago. The issue sheet comments on social attitudes and change relating to positions of women in the labour force wherein they are stereotyped and socialized within specific roles. A study of daycare by Canadian Welfare demonstrates that it is cheaper to have women working than collecting welfare even if the government has to supply daycare. Other articles deal with farm women's struggles in gaining farm assets and the struggle within male-dominated unions. The "What We Can Do" section combined with the "Resourece" section provides a means to action for working women.

Subject Headings

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