Grieve the Beloved Children: Israel and the War on Children

Deutsch, Judith
Date Written:  2018-06-21
Publisher:  Socialist Project
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22677

A discussion of Israel's tactics in its campaign against Palestinians, which includes the use of deliberate provocation to incite retaliation, and the disturbing reality that results in large numbers of children's deaths.



In Israel's disproportionate attacks on Gaza, one-third to one-quarter of the fatalities are children. In Operation Protective Edge, Israel killed 551 Gazan children while one Israeli child was killed. As a result of the Gaza siege imposed in 2007, 70 per cent of babies at nine months suffered from anemia, and about 15 per cent of Gaza’s children are reported as stunted in growth due to malnutrition. Closures prevent infants from leaving Gaza for life-saving cardiovascular surgery. As of January 2008, there were no first line paediatric antibiotics available in the Ministry of Health. Physicians for Human Right-Israel (PHR-I) filed a petition and a request to the Israeli Supreme Court for a temporary injunction to stop the nightly sonic booms, deeming it a collective punishment of the civilian population that particularly traumatized children, causing hearing loss, night terrors, and bedwetting, but the petition was rejected. Barring goods like potato chips and toys has to do with absolute power, not security.

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