Our Generation
Volume 21 Number 1

Roussopoulos, Dimitrios
Date Written:  1989-09-01
Year Published:  1989
Pages:  223pp   Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX22594



Beijing Spring 1989: The People's Democracy Movement Documents from Participants at Tiananmen Square
Libertarian Movements within the French Revolution, Brian Morris
Poland's New Generation of Oppositionists, Bruce Allen
The Crisis of Soviet Statism, Frank Harrison
Beyond Feminism: Anarchism and Human Freedom, L. Susan Brown

Book Reviews:

Partners in Enterprise: The Worker Ownership Phenomenon, by Jack Quarter and George Melnyck (eds), reviewed by Mark Leier
Unions in Politics, by Gary Marks, reviewed by Mark Leier
Our Common Future: The Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development reviewed by John Bacher

Subject Headings

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