Medical Reform Newsletter


Publisher:  Medical Reform Group of Ontario
Year Published:  2014   First Published:  1979
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Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX22444

Newsletters published by the Medical Reform Group of Ontario. The newsletters were published under several different names, including Medical Reform Group News; MRG Newsletter, and Medical Reform. The Connexions Archive has an almost-complete set.


The Medical Reform Group of Ontario (MRG) was formed in 1978 by a small group of doctors who were concerned that there was no voice for progressive, socially-conscious physicians in Canada. They did not feel a forum existed to address the social dimensions of health and disease. Members were united around three principles:

1. The universal access of every person to high quality, appropriate health care must be guaranteed. The health care system must be administered in a manner which precludes any monetary or other deterrent to equal care.

2. Health care workers, including physicians, should seek out and recognize the social, economic, occupational, and environmental causes of disease, and be directly involved in their eradication.

3. The health care system should be structured in a manner in which the equally valuable contribution of all health workers is recognized. Both the public and health care workers should have a direct say in resource allocation and in determining the setting in which health care is provided.

The Medical Reform Group dissolved in 2014.

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