"American Thought": from theoretical barbarism to intellectual decadence

Katalenac, Juraj
Date Written:  2017-08-25
Publisher:  Adidas Marxism
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22192

Juraj Katalena argues that direct transposition of ideological frameworks developed in the specific cultural and economic context of the USA, to Eastern Europe (and other regions), is misguided.



"America is the only country that went
from barbarism to decadence
without civilisation in between."
Oscar Wilde

Have you noticed how, for example, being rude towards fat people has suddenly become a question of left-wing politics instead of proper upbringing and being a decent human being? Have you noticed suddenly embracing your own mental illnesses, instead of treating them in a proper way, and encouraging others to act the same, has become an act of political "emancipation" and "empowerment" of the individual? Have you noticed how toxic Western political correctness has become the mandatory language of the left-wing politics with its aim being the enforcement of a certain way of discussion without examining the content? Have you noticed how being working class has suddenly become just one of the identities, how suddenly you can become working class just by association, instead of needing to work for a wage or being dependent on somebody that does, and how the working class has lost its role as the "wheel of social change" to become "oppressed peoplex"? Have you noticed how the problem of racism is suddenly "challenged" by enforcing particular ethnic identities?

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