Bypassing Dystopia
Hope-Filled Challenges to Corporate Rule

Nelson, Joyce
Publisher:  Watershed Sentinel Books
Year Published:  2018
Pages:  192pp   ISBN:  978-0-9953286-3-1
Library of Congress Number:  HB95.N45 2018   Dewey:  330.12'2
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22151

Joyce Nelson explores global examples of active and creative resistance to the iron grip of corporatism on our economies and imaginations.


Table of Contents


Targeting the Money Behind the Money
Divestment Is Forgoing a New Alliance
Sordid Tales of the "Magic Money Tree"
Tax Havens & The Other Paris Agreement
Resisting the Push for a "Cashless Society"
The Swiss "Sovereign Money" Radicals
Ecuador Changed the Paradigm
Existing Crappy Trade Deals : The Long Goodbye
The Elephant in the Trading Room
Debunking the Bogeyman: Credit Ratings Agencies
The Zapatistas vs. The Empire of Money
Getting Out From Under "Sovereign Debt"
Understanding the Housing Crisis
Saving Farmland From Casino Capitalist Landlords
Site C and NAWAPA: "Continental Water-Sharin"
Down To Earth: Cuba's Silver Lining
A Cautionary Tale: The Parking Meter Scandal that Ate Chicago 165


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