How Palestinian women led successful non-violent resistance

Gadzo, Mersiha
Date Written:  2018-03-08
Publisher:  Al Jazeera
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22131

Two women share their stories of how they peacefully protested during both Intifadas and challenged Israel's occupation.



Movements that welcome women into leadership positions are more likely to achieve their goals. This is because their use of non-violent tactics is almost 100 percent more likely to be successful than violent campaigns... These are the findings of a study of 323 major political conflicts from 1900-2006... The greatest predictor of a movement's decision to adopt non-violence is its ideology regarding the role of women. When a movement includes gender equality in its discourse, it dramatically increases the chances it will adopt non-violence and the likelihood it will succeed... Two Palestinian women shared with Al Jazeera their stories of how they led successful non-violent protests against the Israeli occupation during the First and Second Intifada.

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