Briar Patch
Vol. 5, no 11 - Periodical profile published 1977

Publisher:  Briar Patch, Regina, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Pages:  31pp  
Active Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX220

Newspaper featuring articles that effect low-income and working-class people in Saskatchewan.

Abstract:  Briar Patch is published by the Briar Patch Society, an open, non-profit organization dedicated to publishing a newspaper that is open to all people and community groups in Saskatchewan. It features articles on welfare, native people, worker's disputes and government policies as they affect low-income and working class people. In the editorial of this issue, the board of directors announce that they will be setting up editorial collectives in each Saskatchewan centre in order to further the idea of community controlled media.
The feature article deals with the coverage of Oct. 14 Day of Protest; it was relatively successful in that 28,000 workers were mobilized to strike throughout Saskatchewan. Day care is given much attention in this issue: one article deals with the closing down of two Saskatoon unionized day care centres due to a system of government that doesn't take into account the actual costs of running a day care. Briar Patch calls for a renewal of government policy in this area. In Moose Jaw there is coverage of the creation of a day care centre for children of school age and in Regina a report on the move to form a provincial daycare association. Other articles feature the politics of the cable-TV war, the results and analysis of the municipal elections in 7 Saskatchewans cities and a report on first low-income housing project in Canada to be operated by broadly based community organizations. In addition to a "Letters" section, there are also sections of special interest to the Saskatchewan public.

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