The Brussels lobbyists
Major firms seek to influence EU laws for thire own advantage long before they reach the European Parlament

Laurens, Sylvain
Date Written:  2015-09-01
Publisher:  Le Monde diplomatique
Year Published:  2015
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21916

A look at the lobbyists who target the bureaucrats who control research budgets and make decisions for the EU's technical agencies.



A lobbyist I met in Brussels asked why anyone would waste time approaching a member of the European Parliament when they can go straight to the people who hold the real power. There are two sorts of lobbyist: "The first sort go to see a member of parliament when they have an amendment to propose." His mocking expression made it clear he didn't think much of that. And who do the second sort prefer to deal with? "Commission bureaucrats, of course." He was serious. The EU's key treaties give the European Commission’s 21,000 bureaucrats — especially its 11,000 administrators (ADs in Brussels-speak) — the power to shape legislation at a fundamental level.

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