Lesbian Mothers' Defence Fund (LMDF)
Organization profile published 1981

Year Published:  1981
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Established in March, 1978, the Lesbian mothers' Defence Fund (LMDF) aims to become a permanent resource for lesbian mothers fighting for child custody by providing pre-legal advice and information on successful battles in Canada, the U.S., and England; referrals to sympathetic. Competent lawyers and other professionals; financial assistance in building a strong court case; and personal and emotional support.
The fund has built up a library of accounts of custody struggles to aid mothers to prepare for or avoid custody battles. Monthly pot-luck brunches are held - including mothers, lovers, volunteers and children in order to maintain contact between fund members, to share problems and concerns and to plan LMDF activities.

Since the summer of 1979, the LMDF has also been publishing Grapevine, the Fund's newsletter. this newsletter has reached some 2000 individuals and groups across Canada and the USA.

The LMDF states that a lesbian mother is like any other mother and should therefore not be deprived of the right to care for her child, on the grounds that she has committed the "crime" of loving another woman. Fund members see the situation changing, but find that "chances are good that an ex-husband or grandparent can challenge a mother's custody on the basis of her lesbianism and win". The Fund is an attempt to correct this situation. It is an effort to help establish the right of lesbian to determine her sexuality without consequently fearing the loss or custody of her children.

This organization no longer exists.
This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1981.
See also CX2991, CX2712, CX863.

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