Christian Movement for Peace - Canada
Organization profile published 1981

Publisher:  Christian Movement for Peace - Canada, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1981
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2143

Connexions has published multiple abstracts on the Christian Movement for Peace.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1981:

The Christian Movement for Peace (CMP) is an international, ecumenical orgnization which is working to raise people's awareness of, and encourage their involvement in issues of social justice. Such issues include everything from human rights in Lation America and throughout the world to disarmament and development. With regard to the latter issue, CMP has worked closely with Project Ploughshares, a research and education group, to disseminate information and organize education workshops dealing with the link between the arms race and world underdevelopment. In the past, CMP has organized educational events in community centres, schools and churches which have focussed on a number of topics, including alternative lifestyles, the political future of Canada, and what it means to be a radically committed Christian.

The organization's work with young people has taken many forms. "Starvations" have been organized in which young people are invited to learn the personal experience of hunger at the same time as they learn its causes. During the starvathons, the young people study such issues as underdevelopment, economic exploitation or the arms race.

In one of CMP's activities, "International Peace Prize" Contest, young people across Canada were invited to use their own creativity to design innovative ways to communicate the message of "peace", be it with a poster, a game, an audio-visual, or a theatrical presentational work camp.

One of the most historically important aspects of CMP's work has been international work camps. These are summer youth exchange programmes in which young people can join with others of all nationalities to work on a special project in another CMP branch country. Work can consist of operating a group home for mentally handicapped in Brussels, rebuilding a small town community centre in Southern France, or running a playground for poor children in Britain.

Since CMP's inception some sixty years ago, it has come to include branches in mos western European countries. CMP branches in Canada and the US are a more recent development. International seminars and meetings bring members of the various national groups together to share experiences and ideas and plans for future direction.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Archive in 1982:

The Christian Movement for Peace (CMP) is an international, ecumenical movement active in the campaign against militarism and consistent in its support of disarmament. Much of the group's work is geared to public education and consciousness-raising on issues pertaining to militarism and social justice.

For the past 60 years the Movement has been organizing Workcamps for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 as a part of its educational focus. Workcamps (originally a European concept) provide youth from various parts of the world with the opportunity to "live and work together in a group situation while having the chance to reflect upon their various political, social, religious and cultural traditions."

Participants work on a variety of community-oriented projects on a volunteer basis. Workcamps fall within three categories:

1) Social action: This type of Workcamp may involve working with the mentally or physically handicapped, or with such groups as Amnesty International or the Overseas Book Centre. Participants help to provide some socially useful service to either a local community or the larger global community.

2) Alternative lifestyles: This type of Workcamp may involve working with a co-operative group or living "in community" with groups of people who have opted out of the mainstream and who are developing progressive lifestyles of their own, such as the Dandelion Co-op and The Farm in southeastern Ontario.

3) Manual work: These Workcamps are organized around such activities as renovations to buildings, minor construction work, painting, and agricultural work. Various organizations ranging from conference centres on social justice issues to small agricultural communities have sponsored this type of Workcamp.

Often, elements from all three categories will be present in each Workcamp setting. Last year a total of 75 Workcamps were organized in Europe and North America. This year 16 Workcamps have been slated to take place in North America. Workcamps are generally of three weeks duration. Volunteers are responsible for paying their own transportation costs to and from the Workcamp site. Upon arrival, volunteers are housed and provided with food at no expense.

While the application deadline for the 1982 Workcamps is flexible, interested individuals should contact CMP as soon as possible. Registration fee is $50.

CMP is also looking for people who would be interested in volunteering for leadership roles in their North American Workcamps.

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This organization no longer exists.
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